Car Fuel Additives

There are so many brands offering car fuel additives, and some brands even are known to all. Even though, we still find it is a great problem to choose one we can get satisfied with.

But no more worry needed any longer. In order to help you with your decision making, we have tried many efforts to collect the best reviewed car fuel additives for you to choose from.

With all my heart, I hope you find what you want here.

Best Selling Car Fuel Additives

STA-BIL 22206-12PK Fuel Stabilizer, (Pack of 12)

STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer 10 ounce treats 25 gallons. STA-BIL America’s top selling fuel stabilizer keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after storage.

  • “I have used this product for years to keep my gas fresh.” – George Mitchell
  • “I can’t say enough great things about this product, except it REALLY works!!” – S. Clement
  • “Like most homeowners, I have more than one garden tool – riding mower, leaf blower, snow blower, string trimmer and after Sandy a chain saw.” – K. S. Mathoda

STA-BIL 22241 Marine Fuel Stabilizer - 10 oz.

Gold Eagle Marine STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer is the best ethanol problem fighter. This is more than four times the fuel system cleaner than the regular STA-BIL and double the corrosion fighter.

Consumer Guide
  • “I have used Sta-Bil for years, it keeps my gas fresh and ready to go.” – L. Blevins
  • “I save mostly on sales tax and it’s nice to have something come right up to your door, and not have to wait in line at the local Whale-Mart.” – J. R.
  • “It has PROVED it’s worth to me.” – Specks

STA-BIL 22240-6PK Marine Formula Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer - 32 oz., (Pack of 6)

Sta-Bil Marine formula is the best ethanol problem fighter. This has more than four times the fuel system cleaner than in regular Sta-Bil. Prevents corrosion from moisture and ethanol-induced water attraction.

Consumer Guide
  • “Industrial farming and we have the best politicians money can buy.” – Tom Paine
  • “The best Fuel Stabilizer out there……………I would recommend this product to anyone.” – LakeMurray
  • “Fantastic, not even Wal Mart can rival these guys for the case pricing per bottle, no one else close!!!!!!” – Hungry PR

Star brite Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment Gas Additive (8 oz)
Star Brite

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment uses unique enzyme technology to improve overall fuel quality. Star Tron Gasoline Formula makes engines start easily and run smooth.

Product Ratings
  • “I have to say this is the best fuel treatment product I have found to date!!!” – James Lajoie
  • “I believe now Stabil not only stabilizes gas for up to a year but now combats ethanol as well.” – Joseph Yonke II
  • “I remain skeptical of the “enzyme technology” touted on the label, and seriously doubt that enzymes have any bearing on how this product works.” – Bruce E Bowman

Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

A blend of components which transforms the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel Significantly raises the octane of premium fuel (91 octane): 32 oz To 10 gals = 102 octane, 32 oz t

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner - 300 ml
Liqui Moly

Cleans contaminated petrol injection systems, removes carbon deposits and deposits from fuel pipes, fuel distributors, injection and inlet valves; therefore, no starting problems and no lean surging, smoother idling, good throttle response, low-pollution, and environmentally compatible combustion.

Lucas 10021 Extreme Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Treatment - 64 oz.
Lucas Oil

Lucas Extreme Cold Temperature Fuel Treatment with new Lucas Anti-Gel was developed to eliminate fuel gelling problems in all types of diesel fuels, even bio-diesel.

Lucas Oil 10576-12PK Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner - 16 oz., (Case of 12)
Lucas Oil

Lucas Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers was developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol based fuels. This applies to E-10, E-15, E-85, pure ethanol and any mixtures in between including gasoline.

CRC 6162 Marine Fuel Stabilizer - Gasoline, 16 Fl Oz

The Marine Fuel Stabilizer has a concentrated, high-potency formula that keeps stored gas fresh for easy start-up next season and optimum performance year round.

Lucas Oil 10302 Fuel Stabilizer - 15 oz.
Lucas Oil

A better solution to prevent gasoline break-down during storage. Safe to use in all grades of gasoline and in all 2 and 4-cycle engines. Easy to use.

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